If you are looking for consulting and/or business enterprise solutions then please send us an email or give a call. We are always looking to assist new clients achieve their goals. Here are a list of things we can help with:

  •    Website Design/Development
  •   Augmenting Developer Teams
  •   Technical Documentation
  •   AR/VR Prototypes

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  • 701 S. 50th St.
    Philadelphia, PA


  • info@oceanringtech.com


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When we started Ocean Ring Technologies, we wanted to work with like-minded technologists. People who shared a passion for their craft and also enjoyed learning new things not just in technology. Each of us has our different perspectives and have met many people that we have learned from and shared our skills with.

One of the core values of our company is to give back and show that ORT cares about our community. We have members from various parts of the world which adds to our diversity but also allows us to participate in events such as hackathons and code days to share knowledge to assist the next generation of technologists.