We realize each project is different for every client and the needs of each client takes priority. By utilizing resources in small teams, we've developed a workflow that handles designing, architecting, development and implementing solutions quickly and elegantly.

Our clients can be found in various industries including insurance, finance, engineering, municipality, traffic safety, real estate as well as many non-profit organizations.

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A thoughtful action that spreads more peace in your community, school, business or organization, and is designed to impact one or more of the Billion Acts Issue Areas that are critical to creating world peace.

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BullyBeeGone is a mobile application created from the collaboration of DoSomething Strategic and Ocean Ring Technologies for both iOS and Android devices.

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SittinOnMusic makes it easy to keep up with your fans, by tracking and keeping you connected to the users sampling your beats. LOOKING FOR BEATS? As an artist you can compose lyrics, sing or rap to any of the original beats from the FREE or paid production catalogs. GOT BEATS? Set-up a catalog, connect with other artists and share your favorite music.

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Revolutionary financial advisor software application that allows firms to move away from excel using a soluction that tracks cost, expenses, goals and buy/sell ratios for each of their advisors. One of the first RIA software systems to include custom transactional importing from multiple sources including Salesforce.

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Springboard Collaborative

Springboard is a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices that helps families build home reading habits by setting goals, making plans, and choosing rewards. Weekly, you'll set goals for how often and how long to read at home. Springboard helps you plan the ‘who, what, when, where, and how’ of reading together. The app will also track your progress so that you can celebrate reaching your goals!

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International Development of African-American Youth (IDAAY)

IDAAY provides educational and cultural programs as well as prevention-intervention social services for youth, their families, and the broader community via a combination of carefully designed programs. ORT is proud to provide technical consulting and digital marketing to IDAAY.

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MuniLogic's Core System is a municipal management system consisting of a set of modules which provides the foundation for efficient operations and expanded functionality. This project requires an update to use current technology as well as be able to reach a wider range of equipment.

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TOUCH New Jersey, Inc. was formed in 2003 operating as a “shopping food pantry” in and around the city of Camden, growing gradually and incorporating in 2007. TOUCH New Jersey has been operating in North Camden for the past three years and has impacted the local residents to the extent that over 10,000 pounds of food is distributed each Wednesday.

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S. Archye Leacock is looking to represent the Philadelphia's 9th District, covering parts of Northwest and Northeast communities, including East Mt. Airy, West Oak Lane, East Oak Lane, Olney, Lawncrest, Lawndale, Burholme and Oxford Circle.

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Legacy web application that was rewritten using current technology methodologies including test driven development to ensure any existing functionality was not lost during the rebuild. Enhancements were implemented as the previous codebase was not as efficient as required for the organization.

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V2 Properties

V2 Properties is an analysis based real estate development company that closely studies market conditions so that they are able to make prudent land and property acquisitions.

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