The mobile app was built to connect a community of singers, DJs and music enthusiasts who enjoy showcasing their creative skills. The original app was developed by an offshore company, but the client was dissatisfied with issues including the Android version having features not yet available in the iOS version and the inconvenient communication with the team.

The original API makes use of AWS for storing images, audio and video files. Using React Native we are able to develop the app for both Android and iOS simultaneously and keep the business logic in the same code base. Total price of the rebuild for this app was less than $25k.

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1Re-designed App Layout

  •   Make better use of screen spacing and use icons for increased functionality

2Better UI/UX

  •   Updates to the API provides more efficiency and more elements to be viewed on the screen

3ReEngineered Core Functionality

  •   The recording of videos is the main feature of the app so it was reengineered to increase performance on both Android and iOS devices

4Additional Screens

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