Springboard is an app that helps families build home reading habits by setting goals, making plans, and choosing rewards. Weekly, you'll set goals for how often and how long to read at home.

Springboard help you plan the ‘who, what, when, where, and how’ of reading together. The app will also track your progress so that you can celebrate reaching your goals!

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The team behind Springboard Collaborative approached Ocean Ring Technologies about creating a simple mobile application that would foster reading habits in children with the support of their families.

Getting young people to read more is challenging if they don't enjoy it. But reading is fundamental to character, intellectual and emotional development as well as increasing one's creativeness. In order to assist youth to read more and productively, ORT was called upon to architect and develop a mobile app that allowed families to schedule time to read with their young ones in hopes of achieving a set amount of time. The mobile app had to also be available on both Android and iOS stores.


  •   Allow for goal setting towards the amount of time read each week
  •   Seeing the progress of each user and no place to analyze the data
  •   Allow for quick onboarding of a user and ensuring a notification system for both mobile and email
  •    Tracking feedback from users was important for future enhancements


The Springboard Collaborative app is a simple goal setting tracker based on the amount of time a user and their children reads. By providing the necessary tracking and a dashboard that allows the client to analyze the captured data, the team is able to provide assistance and suggestions to parents about when to best read with their child. By using React Native, ORT was able to quickly architect and develop a mobile application that allowed for a seamless onboarding workflow which allows users to immediately get familiar with setting a reading goal as well as deciding how to best reward children for spending more time reading.

Utilizing Google's cloud platform we were able to quickly and efficiently create a database and API methods to handle the capturing of the data from the mobile app while also maintaining the need to be flexible with some content on the app in regard to adding more rewards or providing more choices for promoting of increased reading time. Based on initial feedback of the app using SurveyMonkey we are able to track user response using a dynamic survey the team can update quickly and unintrusively.

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