Touch New Jersey

TOUCH New Jersey, Inc. was formed in 2003 operating as a “shopping food pantry” in and around the city of Camden, growing gradually and incorporating in 2007. TOUCH New Jersey has been operating in North Camden for the past three years and has impacted the local residents to the extent that over 10,000 pounds of food is distributed each Wednesday.

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TOUCH New Jersey is run by an all volunteer staff and thus struggled to maintain a modern website that was responsive in both computer and mobile browsers. Donated funds were used for maintaining the food pantry and assisting in partnering with other non-profits but could not be used to find technical talent to assist with the site content and events. The organization also needed help with graphic design but with no volunteers who were experienced with graphic design Touch New Jersey used images found on the internet for social media without any customization.


  •   No room in the budget for technical staff
  •   No volunteers had experience setting up a website and maintaining the content
  •   Unable to find funding for hosting of their site and database.
  •   No experience with email blasts or setting up MailChimp


Ocean Ring Technologies offers enterprise clients quality service and exceptional applications but also the opportunity to sponsor non-profits. This partnership allows ORT to donate hours to a non-profit each month and through this program we are able to provide Touch New Jersey with 20 hours per month with the donations being provided by the startup AdvisorBob. With these 20 hours comes the planning and the initial build of their Wordpress site. Staff also provides assistance and training on updating content and in cases of mistakes we are more than happy to help fix. Ocean Ring Technologies also hosts the site for the non-profit and once the site is completed, our creative staff can then begin working with volunteers on updated designs, content and social media promotions.


Our social good program allows non-profits to find quality technical support and development that fits within their budget as well as provide enterprise clients another source of PR as non-profits are always willing to promote their sponsor and how much their good will is appreciated. It has always been a goal of Ocean Ring Technologies to provide technical expertise to non-profits and assist them in reaching their goals.

Whichever services you require, we have the skills to match.